Putting the Bible back into Education

What is CERT?

class Schedule & CErt Hours

As of right now, CERT offers 5 periods per semester.   For more info on how to sign up click here.

What We Believe

CERT is an interdenominational, Christian ministry.  Our beliefs are built of the 7 tenets of the Christian Faith.  For a general overview of our beliefs click the link below.

What people are Saying About CERT

 I thought I knew what it meant to be a Christian, but the more questions I ask, the deeper we get in our discussions on Jesus and the Bible, I’m learning what it really means to be a Christian.  I’m learning things in CERT that I never learned before.  I’m getting closer to God the more I learn and listen to others share about Jesus in class.


CERT Student

How to give?

You can mail in your gift to 619 West 12th Street Emmett, Idaho 8361

connect with us

  • cperez@emmettcert.org
  • (717) 451-7565
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